Reseller Web Hosting Tools

Reseller Web Hosting Tools

Once you get into the web hosting business, ResellersPanel will provide you with various means for monitoring all the aspects of your private label reseller hosting presence. All the details of importance to you will be visualized through powerful statistical tools. You will be able to keep track of your entire reseller web hosting activity - from every single visit to your web hosting store, to each incoming payment from new or existing customers. You can analyze and compare the statistical information, build optimal marketing techniques, and always keep your offerings up to date with your clients' actual needs!

The Administration Tools > General Statistics > General Stats section of the Reseller Control Panel shows absolutely all orders along with their status no matter where they are coming from. If someone purchases a business web hosting account or a VPS hosting server (VPS stands for Virtual Private Server) from your reseller store, or buys an SSL certificate form his Control Panel, the payment will immediately appear in the stats section. Moreover, you will see the wholesale price, the retail price, as well as your profit from every single order.

In the Domain Stats section you can see all the domain names registered through you in your domain name reseller capacity.

The Affiliate Stats section consists of all the sales generated by resellers referred by you, including cPanel reseller hosting plans, semi-dedicated and dedicated servers.

Web Hosting Reseller

There is, of course, a Payment Stats section where you can see detailed information about your commissions. For example, you could compare the amount of your commission received in March 2008 with the one received in March 2010 and see how your reseller business is growing. You can also see the current amount which you are eligible to receive, the payment date and the payment method (bank wire, check, PayPal)through which you can get it.

Other useful information, such as the number of the unique visitors your website receives per a single day, is available in the Traffic Stats section.

By using the statistical information available in your Reseller Control Panel, you can easily analyze how your web hosting business is going and what you can do to improve it.

Cheap Website Hosting

Shared Web Hosting

The most basic and widely used kind of web hosting is the shared web hosting service. It represents a means to host your site without having to know much about programming and administrating a web server. In addition to that, it's also the most inexpensive form of web space hosting and it's very affordable for anybody. Nonetheless, what is shared site hosting? As the name hints, the shared web hosting solution is a type of service where lots of customers share the resources of the same hosting server. This denotes that all web hosting server elements such as CPU, hard disk drives, RAM, NICs...

How Does Website Hosting Function?

Website Hosting is a kind of online service that enables individuals and businesses to render their sites available online. Web hosting service providers are firms that offer disk space on a web hosting server located in a data center facility and guarantee uninterrupted network uptime. The Internet has become a vital component of everybody's everyday life. It offers you the ability to gain extra money, but can also be a major source of revenue. In order to display advertisements on your site or to publicize a commodity that you offer, you always need a website hosting solution, which will make certain that...


Owning your very own personal web site is mandatory in present-day society. The entrance of the Internet in our everyday lives signifies that, in order for somebody to get noticed, or to make his voice heard, one has to make a web page and take it online. In order to fulfill that, you in fact require two elements - a website and a web hosting solution. Before setting up a web portal, however, it's vital to comprehend that there are distinct sorts of website hosting services and that not all websites can perform with a randomly selected hosting service. In order to illustrate this better, let's start with the principal point:

Web Hosting Service

Running a website today is compulsory in terms of spreading viewpoints, promoting a brand new business or just remaining up to date with the current vogues. As e-mails have replaced paper letters a long time ago and people check pretty much everything on the World Wide Web, it is a good idea to possess a website where people can find out about you or your business - this is a means to get closer to them, to explain to them what you think or what you offer. Let us check what you require in order to have a web site and the various hosting services that allow you to fulfill that.

Free Web Hosting

On the web hosting marketplace, a service called free-of-cost web site hosting still exists. For what purposes can the free-of-cost web hosting solution be utilized? When I'm launching a little online project, I usually pick a cost-free web site hosting package and then move on to a paid one if I opt to continue developing the web site project. So for me, the free web site hosting platform is great to begin with, whether to test a brand new idea, to evaluate your web design capabilities or just to get your small online project online. But, naturally, I wouldn't resort to a free web hosting...

Reseller Hosting

There are many means of earning money on the web and one of them is to resell the hosting services offered by a certain web hosting accounts provider. This provides boundless options for everyone who desires to generate supplementary cash. There are several types of reseller hosting services, depending on the hosting reseller's degree of involvement and, of course, on the hosting provider that provides the hosting service. Prior to looking into that, let's first check out. A web hosting reseller solution is a kind of web hosting account, which permits the reseller to create different sub-accounts...

Affordable Web Hosting

When it comes to kicking off your initial online portal and commencing your web presence, donating a lot of funds for the web hosting service provision is maybe not a thing that looks very fascinating. In the beginning, the web site you design may not look the way you prefer it to, or may not have numerous web site visitors, and the more you have donated to take it online, the more money you may feel has been wasted. In such a case, there are 2 alternatives you can pick from - a free website hosting plan, or a reasonably priced paid one.

Joomla Hosting

If you are new to the virtual world and you desire to make your first web page, or you are seeking a substitute for the website design software program that you are now using, you may examine an open-source PHP script-powered content management system (CMS) software app. A CMS (Content Management System) platform signifies a set of functions managed through one administration dashboard that allows you to make and run websites effortlessly. You can look at it as a frame, or a pre-made site, atop of which you begin developing and updating your very own personal web portal.

Register a Cheap Domain

Domain Name Hosting

There are 2 items you demand so as to own a web portal. The first one is a domain name that will open your web site when you type it in a browser, and the other one is a web page hosting plan, which is essentially the disk space on a web server where the web site files will be placed, plus a few more services that it is offering. The domain and the hosting account are 2 interconnected, yet different services, and you require them both so as to have a functioning web portal.


If you want to run a site, this implies that you require a domain name. A domain is an easy-to-memorize name that you type in your web browser's URL bar when you desire to go to a given web portal. This is an issue I bring up because of the fact that last week my boss brought forth the idea of launching a web site for our brand new venture. That itself is not a problem, the problem is that he wants a website, but has not made a decision yet about what it should look like, what it should contain, etc.

Free Domain Registration

A domain name - that was what I required for my yet-to-be-built website. I had it all worked out in my head. I had a website design and web content idea, I knew that I needed a Linux-based web site hosting solution and that I had to register a domain name. My biggest dilemma was what domain name to choose for my site. It had to be memorable, attractive, and, well, available for registration! I examined quite a few until I came across one that was available...

Domain Names

One of the most essential prerequisites for setting up a successful web presence is the domain. It is what people will spot first when they discover your web site and what they will associate you with. The domain name should be easy to remember, but should also be something that informs your visitors what the web page is about. A domain name traditionally consists of 2 constituents - a Top-Level Domain (TLD) and a Second-Level Domain (SLD). If you have

VPS Hosting Servers

Virtual Private Servers

Now it has become very simple to establish a web portal by yourself with all the free-of-charge website layouts that are obtainable on the Internet together with cost-free web apps that are appropriate even for inexperienced clients. Thus, lots of new web sites are being built each day, among them blogs - where the moderator can concentrate on various issues that suggest themselves, and photo galleries - where people can share photographs and the stories behind them on the World Wide Web. These sites must be hosted somewhere and one smart web space hosting option is a VPS web server.


To meet the demand for low cost, but reliable hosting solutions, vendors introduced an intermediate site hosting solution - the VPS web hosting server. This is a virtual simulation of a web server that operates precisely like a dedicated server and is much more advanced than any shared web site hosting plan. On the other hand, as plenty of accounts are set up on the same physical hosting server and each user pays for their account, the price for a private virtual server package is markedly lower than the cost of a dedicated server. A low-end VPS account is slightly more expensive than the most feature-rich shared...

VPS Web Hosting

Up until several years ago, the only means to obtain an advanced hosting plan was to purchase a dedicated server. As a result of recent software app developments, virtual hosting servers have been introduced and they've swiftly become one of the most famous hosting platforms as they offer top-hole performance at a very low price. Also known as a virtual private web hosting server or a virtual dedicated web server, this web hosting server is an excellent solution for resource-devouring sites. A small amount of virtual machines are set up on a physical server, sharing its system resources.


A private virtual web hosting server works like a dedicated web hosting server but costs considerably less. VPS web server hosting account holders are given complete root access and immense hard drive space, web traffic and RAM memory quotas for their ever-expanding hosting demands. Answering this question is not an easy task as there are many hosting service providers offering different virtual private web server hosting plans and configurations. The first step is to find out what system resources your website will need before you start searching for a hosting services provider.