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A Definition of Cloud Web Hosting

Reseller website hosting and "THE HUGE CLOUD"

At present, virtually each and every web hosting and reseller web hosting service provider toys with the saying "cloud hosting". In reality, the hosting firms utilizing an actual cloud web hosting platform are most likely less than the fingers of your both hands. That's an established fact. Why is it like that? Because it's bloody complicated to set up a real cloud website hosting platform. First of all, you must find the correct persons. Second, it takes years for them to build the cloud web hosting platform. Last, but not least, it calls for lots of money. Stacks of money. Not every programmer or sysadmin can participate in a project like this one...

A couple of clouds in the azure website hosting horizon

Ruminate about the following: how many hybrid vehicle companies exist out there? Toyota was the primary trailblazer of the mass production of hybrid cars. Began roughly ten years ago. Recalling anyone else? Huh? Repetitive flow production? Come on. Attempt again. Nissan recently has joined the pack... going directly electric with the Leaf model. So, let's return to cloud site hosting... It appears to us, the entire web site hosting sky is unclouded, with very tiny clouds around (probably just a few). :-)

cPanel-based site hosting versus CLOUD WEBSPACE HOSTING

How many of the cPanel-based reseller hosting service providers out there offer genuine cloud hosting services? Let's not omit, cPanel was devised for and still runs only on a single web hosting server. In no less than ninety nine point ninety nine percent of the cPanel installations in the world, cPanel works on one single server. In short, the cPanel shared web hosting platform is a one-single-web-server-does-it-all sort of a web hosting platform. All storage space, mail, database, File Transfer Protocol, webspace hosting Control Panel, DNS, etc. tasks are being executed at the very same time on one single web server.

One-server website hosting environments: the queue problem

Here's an example: it's like running 8 software applications at the same time on your PC. The PC's operation unavoidably slows down significantly, because of the fact that now there is a huge queue with requests awaiting to be served or fulfilled (generated by these eight software applications running concurrently). Thus, when the cPanel-based web hosting reseller corporations call the web page hosting services that are being offered "cloud webspace hosting-based", it's a good idea to enquire: "What sort of cloud are you alluding to?"

The dense smog around the cPanel-based "cloud site hosting" platform

This so-called "cloud" these cPanel-dedicated folks are talking about, in reality, to a certain extent, seems like an enormous haze or a heavy smog. Of course this is not a cloud, even a miniature one. In the best case, some of the cPanel hosting corporations (maybe just a few) manage to create a remote database or DNS name server (or servers), and here you are, they immediately pronounce - we are "in the cloud" now. Yeah, right. Is it a nighttime cloud? Because in the daylight we can't watch it on the horizon!

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