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WordPress Web Hosting

Created approximately a decade ago by a couple of devotees, today WordPress is the most popular blog application used by 1 000 000's of individuals all over the globe. It is charge-free, so anyone can download it and utilize it to create a personal website, a web designer portfolio, or to publicize brand new corporate offerings.

What's WordPress?

WordPress is a PHP-powered web content management system that avails of a MySQL database system to deposit all the articles created by the moderator or the comments on these articles written by the viewers. What makes the PHP-driven script more popular than other open-source blogware tools is its simplicity and the vast community that maintains it. Given firms like NTC Hosting, for instance, even provide a one-click script installer that saves you the time of manually installing WordPress. You can simply specify your domain name and push the Install button - their tool will fulfill the rest.

Establish Content-Rich and Media-Rich Web Portals

Once WordPress is activated, it is ready for use. You can log in and begin to modify it, and this is what makes the PHP-powered script really unique. Since it is an open-source weblog software app, there are thousands of website templates and plugins that you can download and easily install to start a fabulous online portal. All you need to do is upload the plug-in or the site theme in the relevant folder in your WordPress web hosting account, and then activate it from the WordPress dashboard - it is as plain as that. There are one, two and three-column web design skins; you can also tweak the color settings, and the additional add-ons will furnish your WordPress-based web portal with a unique functionality. You can develop media-rich websites, add an online chat service, insert video clips or any other textual, visual and aural content, permit your web site visitors to evaluate posts and comments, append the web content in your preferred community web site and much more. As the PHP-driven script is updated on a regular basis, all the vulnerabilities that may be abused are fixed by the WordPress developer team in a timely fashion, so you can be assured that your portal is secure. This is a chief distinction from other cost-free blog scripts that are updated once in a blue moon or are not updated at all, exposing both your web portal and web hosting account to peril.

Start Blogging Instantaneously, It's Easy

WordPress also provides a free weblog service on their official website, so you can establish a blog immediately by subscribing there, but the address of this new blog of yours will be your-name.wordpress.com. While this service is free of charge and simple to use, there will be adverts on your online blog and you cannot avail of other website templates or add-ons - you are confined to what the site offers you. Positively, getting your own domain and shared web hosting account (why not a virtual hosting server or a dedicated hosting account) confers upon you the freedom you need to launch a remarkable website. If you would like to establish a corporate web site, this would also produce authenticity and call forth respect.

WordPress - The Most Cutting-edge Web Content Management Platform

Nowadays, WordPress is used by 1 000 000's of web users around the world as it is simple and intuitive to use and though it was designed to be only a weblog script, the supplementary add-ons invented by the vast WordPress user community have developed it into a web platform that stretches far beyond a mere blog. Simply a few instances are the plugins that enable you to create a product catalog and promote goods over the web, to create slide shows, or even to add games that your website visitors can play whilst examining your site.